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As we’ve discussed previously, dealing with legacy applications in the cloud is not a simple, straight ahead proposition. The bottom line is it can be done, but doing it smartly is a whole other issue. As Dan Woods asks: “Can cloud infrastructure support traditional applications that were not built to deliver reliable performance from unreliable components?” What are the best ways to use the cloud to enhance legacy apps? The reasons to move legacy apps to the cloud are manifest: improved performance, ROI, and associated upkeep costs, to name a few. So much money has already gone into creating the tech and utilizing the data center real estate that simply abandoning what you’ve been using would be like burning millions of dollars. However, the answer to Dan Woods’ question is not a simple yes or no, and many providers who reply in one way or the other are selling shor... (more)

5 Smart Steps for Making Your Apps Work in the Cloud

Often when we discuss moving to the cloud, we’re talking about transferring existing applications to the cloud. Google App Engine and Engine Yard have given developers new tools to build apps in the cloud (PaaS style). For many businesses, though, such an approach to building applications can only come after they have moved their existing apps to [...] The post 5 Smart Steps for Making Your Apps Work in the Cloud appeared first on Gathering Clouds. ... (more)

Employees, Cloud, and Company Data: Problem or Reality?

Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, Apple iCloud. Chances are if your employees have Internet-connected mobile devices, they are using these and other services to store and transmit your company data — with or without your approval. That’s according to a new study from Enterprise Strategy Group, which found that while more than 75 percent of companies it surveyed had policies that prohibit the use of online file sharing and related tools, by and large their employees went ahead and used them anyway. As Computerworld’s Lucas Mearian reports: “Even if employees are physically prohibi... (more)

Five Private Cloud Pitfalls

There are many reasons to trust the private cloud – from reliability, to security and compliance, to predictability, private cloud can often be the best choice for a business. But just because it’s private doesn’t mean it’s not susceptible to its own range of pitfalls. While the shortcomings of public cloud have been widely discussed, it’s important to note that private clouds, too, are associated with  a range of potential pitfalls you ought to be aware of. Private cloud may be the right choice for you, though it is not without its potential pitfalls. 1. Virtualization and clou... (more)

Cloud Player – Dana Gardner, President, Interarbor Solutions, Part 1

We recently had the pleasure of having an extended conversation with Dana Gardner, president and principal analyst at Interarbor Solutions. Our discussion covered enterprise cloud adoption, C-suite IT strategies, the changing cloud market, and much more. This is the first of two parts; Check out Part 2. Gathering Clouds: With the range of topics that you’re covering, what do you look for in terms of relevant areas to share your perspectives on? Dana Gardner, President and Principal Analyst, Interarbor Solutions Dana Gardner: We try to help decision-makers in the enterprise underst... (more)