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Whenever you go shopping there are usually a few factors that determine what you buy and what you pass up. One is obviously money (though we all wish this wasn’t the case). Price can be a deciding factor, but often we will pay a little more for something if it offers measurable value. Another factor is trust: Do you know what’s being sold? Do you trust who’s selling it? Can you trust that it will fulfill your needs? The flipside of trust is often chance: Are you willing to take a chance on a new product that will hopefully deliver the same or better results than your tried-and-true choice? When these lenses are applied to the cloud marketplace, what you’ll discover is that is rarely the case. Some cloud providers differentiate by price, others by scale, others by burgeoning tech, and even other by services layered on top of the technology. It is widely understood th... (more)

Expertise-as-a-Service: How Much Is It Worth?

Simply outsourcing your cloud technology isn’t where the benefits your company can access end. By leveraging your cloud provider for more than just the technology, you can gain a wealth of experience and know-how (read: tech support)  that can help your business get more value from your vendor relationship. The tendency for companies to pursue this path is well established at this point, but in the cloud era, managed service providers have become ground zero for both technological and experiential value for the companies that use them. Beyond the technical benefits, outsourcing... (more)

Five Smart Tips for Public Cloud Success

We often discuss the virtues of private and hybrid clouds, since so many companies utilize more complex clouds as they scale. But where public cloud is concerned, we thought we’d share some ideas for how to frame a smart approach to ensure that your public cloud is serving the needs of your business best. Thoughts? Let us know on Twitter @CloudGathering. How can you make your public cloud a success for your business? Multiple availability zone: An important first step to achieve a smart public cloud set up, ensuring your cloud is in multiple availability zones (AZs) sets the sta... (more)

Predictive Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Healthcare

Editor’s note: Gathering Clouds is pleased to welcome noted thought leader and Cloud Player David Linthicum as a regular contributor. David is a renown expert in all things cloud computing, SOA,  Health IT, SaaS, Big Data, and many more IT related topics. Check back every week for more from David! ____ By David Linthicum - The use of Big Data with predictive analytics systems layered on top has a tremendous amount of potential in the healthcare market.  Indeed, when paired with cloud-based platforms, there is the potential to become more cost effective, and much better at deliver... (more)

How To: Enhancing Legacy Apps with Cloud

As we’ve discussed previously, dealing with legacy applications in the cloud is not a simple, straight ahead proposition. The bottom line is it can be done, but doing it smartly is a whole other issue. As Dan Woods asks: “Can cloud infrastructure support traditional applications that were not built to deliver reliable performance from unreliable components?” What are the best ways to use the cloud to enhance legacy apps? The reasons to move legacy apps to the cloud are manifest: improved performance, ROI, and associated upkeep costs, to name a few. So much money has already gone ... (more)